Conditioning ages 12 +

Drop-in anytime for $6 or pro-rate the current session.

Join us! We are having fun and getting fit! You’ll enjoy a new you.

Low-impact conditioning for improved strength, toning, flexibility and overall conditioning. Nancy has taught fitness and dance since 1988 to all ages. While the main focus of this class is the physical fitness benefits, participants will be introduced to basics of ballet and modern dance as part of conditioning for added understanding and enjoyment of the art.

Conditioning is a total body exercise and beginning ballet class that tones muscle, increases flexibility, and improves cardiovascular fitness.

We use a variety of techniques including mat work that engages core muscles. The first 30 minutes focuses on building balance through controlled, fluid movement with classic ballet warm-ups. The last 20-30 minutes is dedicated to learning and applying ballet and modern dance technique and terminology. During the class, Nancy shares some of the latest information on nutrition and fitness to boost energy and health.

  • Dress in comfortable attire for full range movement.
  • Mat provided or bring your own.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Visible piercings only in ears. No long or heavy earrings.
  • No jewelry except wedding set.
  • Tattoos must be covered by clothing or concealer.

Meets at Dancers’ Studio
Saturday 10:00-11:00 AM

Nancy Durall
Fitness Instructor
KY Registered/Licensed Dietitian
KY Repertory Dance Theatre
Artistic Director and Instructor

An exercise class forĀ older adults is also available.