Beginner Ballet Level II ages 7-11

Instructor: Miss Nancy

Dancers must have had at least one year of formal ballet training (and usually several years) before taking the level II class which emphasizes more complex combinations of ballet technique and positions at the barre and center. Class meets once a week for one hour at Dancers Studio. Students learn basic ballet positions and terminology. Please bring a water bottle to class.

Level II ages 7-11
Tuesday 5:45-6:45
placement required
meets at Dancers’ Studio

Level II/III/IV Saturday 11:00-12:15
by invitation only and in combination with Tuesday class

dress code

  • black leotard
  • pink tights
  • pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas)
  • hair neatly off face, secured into a tight bun
  • no jewelry

dress code for boys

  • black shorts or pants
  • black socks
  • black ballet shoes (leather or canvas)
  • hair neatly off face


  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts so your dancer will be ready when warm-up begins.
  • You are welcome to stay and observe class if your dancer is not distracted by your presence.
  • Disruptive siblings should be taken out of the studio either  in the hallway or to the room in the back where toys and books are provided for your convenience.
  • Thanks for your consideration in keeping instructional time as quiet and focused as possible.


  • KRDT holds ministry performances in both the winter and spring.
  • There will be a performance fee for each dancer that covers costume and facility rental.
  • Performance time is exciting, fun, and builds dancers’ strengths, challenging them to grow to the next level for the future.

snow dancers


Nancy Durall
859 277-6466
I look forward to hearing from you.