KRDT Class Policies

Be on time for class

Please have your dancer in the studio 10 minutes before the class start time.  Dancers should be dressed with hair in bun and ready for opening prayer and beginning warm-ups. While we most definitely know and operate in God’s wonderful loving grace, we must enforce repeated tardies with consequences. Missing warm-up plies and tendus puts students at risk for injury. For repeated tardies, students will be asked to sit to the side and make notes about the class. If there is a scheduling issue, please discuss with Nancy Durall.

Dress code for girls and ladies

  • black leotard
  • pink tights worn under leotard
  • pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas)
  • hair neatly off face, secured into a tight bun
  • no jewelry

Dress code for boys and men

  • black shorts or pants
  • white t-shirt
  • black socks
  • black ballet shoes (leather or canvas)
  • hair neatly off face

Make ballet class a priority

The staff appreciates committed dancers and their families who make the effort to attend ballet classes and rehearsals every week. We encourage you to limit absences to cases of sickness or emergency and hope that you will consider attending ballet a priority. When a dancer misses class, it affects not just the individual who isn’t present, but it affects everyone who is trying to learn choreography together.

If you attend all classes, you will get your money’s worth, stay strong technically, promote ministry unity, and grow in character both spiritually and emotionally. For these reasons, we hope that parents would not consider KRDT classes as just an extra activity or a privilege that can be taken away for discipline purposes. Let teachers and Nancy Durall know when there will be unavoidable absences. Here is a ballet world quote that has proven true over my years of dance training in church and studio,

“Miss one class, you know it; miss two classes,
your teacher knows it; miss three classes,
the audience knows it.”

Please keep quiet in the studio

Parents, thanks for your consideration in keeping instructional time as quiet and focused as possible. This is also important because KRDT rents space from Dancers’ Studio, and Miss Laurie or her staff may be having class as well. You are welcome to stay and observe if your dancer is not distracted by your presence. Some children are actually able to participate better in class if a parent is not in the room. However, if you stay, please enjoy your conversations in quiet whispers. Disruptive siblings should be taken out of the studio either in the hallway or to the room in the back where toys and books are provided for your convenience. Please bring quiet activities for yourself and children (homework, movies, reading, knitting.)